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What could I eat today?

Probably the most frequent problem in our lives

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Lack of ideas

We usually tend to ask this question at the moment when we already stand hungry in front of the fridge and need an immediate decision.

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Stick to our food routine

Our memory is often limited to dishes we just cooked last week or the week before. But what did we enjoy eating three months ago? We simply don't remember. That is why we conveniently stick to our routine, get bored and eat an unbalanced diet.

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Infinite scrolling

The endless feeds of current food and social media platforms overwhelm us with information, take our time and catch our attention - but they do not help us to make a quick decision. That is why we often end up choosing nothing at all.

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Our solution is ideation.


Variety in diet

A single recipe per klick that matches your individual Food Personality.

Our app fosters an immediate cooking idea that goes beyond your routine while staying within your usual food preferences.


Immediate decision

Single-choice is our answer to help you make a quick decision.

We surprise you with a recipe instead of making you search through a feed with hundreds of pictures and videos.

App (Solutin)



Create a group with your partner or roommates and find a recipe that matches everyone's preferences.

Finally, you no longer have to explain your intolerances or pickiness!

Our purpose

Spreading the ease of decision making.

It's not a food app.

It's a tool for simple decisions.

Small decisions made for oneself, but also those made by groups seem to become more and more complex in a digital environment that offers an unlimited number of choices. To make these choices as simple as possible, we focus on design elements and features that minimize distraction and support the social purpose of our app.

Our Purpose


Save recipes

Save your favourite recipes to the clipboard and even create your own.

Since our app is all about ideation, we only need the name and time of your recipe!


Personal insights

Keep track of your eating habits and learn about their impact on the environment.

You can even choose a diet low in carbon dioxide!

Humane Technology

We believe in a responsible future of technology.

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We minimize your attention on the app to maximize it in the real world

  • Showing one recipe at a time is a natural stopping cue, that allows for quick and conscious decision making

  • No food app, but rather a tool to enhance your daily life

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Groups made for meaningful interaction in real life

  • Optimal for closest friends and family to strengthen local ties

  • No public profile means no social pressure, but high social inclusion

  • The chat is reduced to sending recipes without distraction through text messaging

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Independency of
third parties

  • A random algorithm that is not influenced by ads or data collection

  • No advertisements

  • Data security

Humane Technolgy

Our story

Two brothers - spreading the ease of decision making

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Our grandma always used to ask us, "What do you want to eat after school?".

So we've been trying to remember one of her traditional German dishes that we've enjoyed over the past few months, with the result that we've chosen one that we ate just last week. But since our grandma really wants us to eat a varied diet, she started writing down the names of all the recipes she cooked for us in the following months and presented the list to us as soon as we couldn't decide what to eat.

But that's not how it started (yet)!

Time passed, we both moved out, started studying, and lived independently.

Then, during my (Fabian's) exchange semester in Copenhagen, my friends and I cooked almost twice a week. The only problem was that some of us were pescetarians, others were just picky, and we all struggled to find a consensus. Much like we used to do with our grandma, we then cooked salmon every week because we knew it was something everyone had already eaten the week before and would eat again without further clarification.

But that's not a solution I could live with in the long run. Especially because I knew that there were hundreds of other dishes besides salmon that would suit the food preferences of every group member. We would just need a little push to help us think outside the box.


So I took the first sketch of our app to my brother (Daniel), who happened to be working on the digital version of our grandma's list. Since he had already planned to share the over 250 recipes with our closest friends, it didn't take long to convince him to start our own business.

By bringing both stories together and combining them with our entrepreneurial spirit, academic background, and strong relationship as brothers, the foundation for looploop was born.

PS: We have so much more to tell, so please contact us for more details.

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